Sweep up

Post date: May 16, 2017 8:37:11 AM

WFRA sweep up

A valiant group of neighbours spent two hours on Sunday sweeping the paths along the Brook between Fursby Avenue and Lovers Walk. Fortunately, after heavy rain early in the morning, the rain clouds disappeared and whilst we were sweeping it was a perfect day! Our efforts attracted plenty of appreciative and favourable comments from the many people who were enjoying a walk along the brook. We were most impressed by a little boy of about 5 years old who stopped to say hello. He and his dad regularly walk the circuit from their home in Eversleigh Gardens and always take a plastic bag to pick up litter – doing their bit for the community! Huge thanks to all those who were able to get involved with the “Sweep Up”. It has certainly made a difference and will help to preserve the paths.