West Finchley History and General Information


Local residents have compiled a history of the neighbourhood from records and from the oral histories of local residents.

Roger Taylor, who was born in the neighbourhood, has written his recollections of growing up in the area and his memories of the Northern Line.

Within the neighbourhood, Cedar Court (pictured above), is a Grade II listed building.

The now demolished Brent Lodge that stood on the land between Hamilton Way, Finchley Way, Penstemon Close and Nether Street was home to Augustus Cooper who left the land to the people of Finchley in his will of 1939. Previously Brent Lodge had been home to an experiment in shared living in the early 20th century.

More information about the Neighbourhood

Tree audit

In 2017 local residents carried out an audit of the trees on the streets of the neighbourhood. You can read a brief report here or the full audit here.