Yellow Lines and Parking

Yellow Lines and Parking

Yellow lines on Fursby/Brent Way/ Chesterfield and Nethercourt/ Courthouse Junctions

and Parking in Court House Road and Gardens

Most of you will know of the long saga, dating back several years, concerning pavement parking in Courthouse Road and Courthouse Gardens and the demand for yellow lines to stop commuter parking on junctions at Nethercourt Ave / Courthouse Gardens and Brent Way / Fursby Ave / Chesterfield Road.

Following a great deal of local activity, a public meeting was held in May 2016 at which Barnet Highways agreed to develop a scheme for Courthouse Road/Gardens. It took a further 17 months to arrange a further on-site meeting in October 2017 with officers from the Council Highways department, to follow up on this public meeting.

With the help of our Ward Councillors, the WFRA has pursued Barnet Council for a decision / further updates or an outcome on the situation to no avail since then.

In the meantime, there have been other accidents at the junction of Fursby Avenue with Brent Way and Chesterfield Road and, through the Councillors, we have pursued the dangerous parking on this and the Nethercourt Ave / Courthouse Gardens junction.

Cllr Houston was able to arrange a meeting between Kieran (as WFRA Chair) and an officer from Barnet Highways earlier in February. The officer explained that the Courthouse Gardens / Road scheme had been cancelled along with other schemes in the Totteridge Ward because Courthouse Gardens/Road were “thought to be in Totteridge”!

We understand that the scheme is now on track again and will be updated and presented to Council Committee after which it will be circulated for consultation. We were not given a time frame for this process.

However, on the matter of yellow lines and road markings at the junctions, the officer said that yellow lines will still require consultation, but this could be done more quickly. Cllr Houston will be pursuing this in the next weeks. The WFRA will be in touch with Barnet Council regularly to get updates which we will pass on to residents.

On Thursday 14 March 2019, the road markings on the junction of Fursby Avenue, Brent Way and Chesterfield Road were repainted.