The West Finchley Neighbourhood has allotments, the Dollis Valley Greenwalk and many small areas of open space. Above all, and centrally within the neighbourhood is the open space of the former Brent Lodge and grounds that were gifted to the people of Finchley by Augustus Cooper in 1939.

There are two allotment sites in the neighbourhood - Nethercourt Avenue and Brent Way

Tennis courts that welcome new members

The walk beside the brook is part of the Greenwalk which is about 10 miles long and can take up to 6 hours to walk from Barnet to Hampstead.

Read more about protecting our Green Spaces

Nestled between Nether Street (at the top of the photograph to the left), Finchley Way, Penstemon Close and Hamilton Way this open space of greenfield and wooded area was left to the people of Finchley in the will of Augustus Cooper in 1939.

West Finchley open space - gift to the community

Finchley's "secret garden" is yet to be uncovered. Read more about plans to improve access to West Finchley's hidden gem and help engaging local residents in protecting this gift to the people of Finchley.

Friends Group

Since December 2019 residents have formed the Friends of Finchley Way Open Space group to make plans for the conservation and management of this area.

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